Bux.gs Settles Payout Problem

Saturday, November 28, 2009 ·

I am very thankful that the admin of bux.gs was able to think of a resolution that would benefit the its users. Even though it means that we should leave bux.gs

Here's a message from the admin of bux.gs

Better late than never Smiley

First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of news lately. I have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, and I saved all little time I've had to work on the plan I had in mind (which I'll describe later on) instead of checking the forum all the time.

As you probably understand, it's impossible to continue with bux.gs this way, as after the freezing of our PayPal account, which has the vast majority of our funds, I'm unable to pay everyone.

Bux.gs is over one year old. I can't think of any "bux" site paying 1cent/click for the amount amount of time we have except for only one, Neobux. That said, they never sold refs, which probably makes us overall the most successful, long-lasting bux site ever with this option. Just check our Alexa rank, it's very rare for a PTC to come even close to the mark we have.

As I said, the plan I have in mind will not make everyone happy, but it's fair  and keeping in mind those who helped us sustain this site for 12 months.

Probably you've noticed I've opened a new website, Bux.io. It was made keeping Bux.gs's problem in mind. So here's what I will offer you:

All members who have purchased any upgrade or referral pack between September 1st and the time I'm making this post will be allowed to receive a redemption of their money via upgrades/referrals at the new site Bux.io. This money will be the difference between all your upgrades/referrals purchases you have ever made at Bux.gs and the total amount you have received from Bux.gs. This also includes AlertPay purchases and withdrawals. Here's how it works:

If you are one of these members, and to simplify this whole thing, send me an e-mail to redeem@bux.gs (this e-mail is solely for this purpose) with:

a) Your username at Bux.gs
b) Your username at Bux.io
c) Transaction ID's of all your referrals/upgrades purchases.
d) Total amount received from Bux.gs (not including pending payments or remaining balance).

The difference between c) and d) will be the total of money you'll have for redemptions.
Check the prices at Bux.io, and to speed up things send me also

e) What you want at Bux.io (refs/upgrades/ads... I can also accept advertising at Bux.gs).

If you want a Bux.io upgrade you can purchase refs at the price available for that membership level. For example, if you have $75 to redeem, you may choose a 3-month Level 3 upgrade ($30) and 50 refs ($0.9 x 50 = $45). Or, of course, any other combination you want.

Keep in mind that:

- This only applies to anyone who has purchased at least one upgrade or one pack of referrals since September 1st. This date is, at the moment, the best I can offer, but as time goes by I may change the date to include previous customers.

- This only applies to members with an active (not banned) Bux.gs account. Banned accounts include those flagged for multi-accounts, cheating, "scam" accusations or opening disputes through our payment processors.

- This only applies to members who have spent more in upgrades/referrals than they have received through processed withdrawals.

As I said previously, this plan will not make eveybody happy. I tried, however, to preserve the interest of those who have helped us the most and made us last for a whole year - our investors.

As for Bux.gs, I have no option but to say that there will be no more withdrawals processed starting from now. I'll refund all pending withdrawals to your balances so you can, at least, convert it to ads. I'm extremely sad to say that, from now on, Bux.gs is an ads-only website.

I will now clean up the forum. Looks kinda messy...


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